Curatorial Welcome

As a leap of faith we had an amazing response from artists, producers and presenters across the country and the program has been shaped by these discussions.

I began the curation of ATF 2013 with a simple frame of wanting to talk about ‘what’s not possible?’ as a way of stretching our minds and thoughts forward over the next 30 years and to think about the broader questions that we grapple with as makers, artists and cultural producers. Alongside this, I gave myself the provocation of ‘not knowing’ to embrace curiosity and freedom, and open my mind to ideas and questions outside my frame of reference. I would describe this as a wilful and measured naivety. There are always critical issues we are compelled to talk about – but what else can happen if we knowingly put these to one side?

In assembling the program I have been directly inspired by attending IETM – International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts over the last three years. Not because it is European, but because I am interested in the people and the conversations – accidental and intended, formal and informal. Away from the environment of a market-focused meeting, how can we diffuse an artificial hierarchy to engage in conversations that thread diverse practices, ideas and provocations to re-inspire ourselves, and one another…Talk to people we don’t know, follow the scent of a good idea, do some business and pursue an interesting conversation not knowing where it will lead…

This, and discussions across the country, has lead to the Program for ATF 2013.

I look forward to listening, to being in it, and to having these conversations.

Alicia Talbot, Curator ATF 2013

14 MAY 2013

2013 ATF Program cover
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