Trains, buses, cabs – Sydney’s got ‘em all. And they generally run on time. The best transport options can be found here.

SEYMOUR CENTRE is a 20-minute walk from Central Station, and less than 10-minutes from Redfern Station. Redfern Station is on all main train lines coming into and heading out of the Sydney CBD – it’s also got a lot of great cafes and restaurants for before and after ATF. Click here for Seymour Centre maps and transport options.

SYDNEY AIRPORT is a 13-minute train ride from the city, with train stations located at the international and domestic terminals. The cost will be between $12 – $17 per person.

Taxi stands are located outside all terminals and, depending on your arrival time, will be a 20-30 minute trip, and cost anywhere between $25 – $35.

More info on Airport transport can be found here.