ATF 2013 Team

ATF Executive Producer

Nicole Beyer

ATF Curator

Alicia Talbot

ATF Producer

Antonia Seymour

Theatre Network Victoria

Director and ATF Executive Producer
Nicole Beyer

Program Manager
Angela Pamic

Business Manager
Kim Webster

Pop-up space design

Imogen Keen

The Artist Vs the Archive Curator

Nat Randall

Production Manager

Suzie Franke

Stage Manager

Stacey Fleming

ATF Volunteer Co-ordinator

Jo Fishman

ATF Volunteers

Niall Tangney, Felix Ching Ching Ho, Jennie Bazell, Corey Reynolds, Ellen Rijs, Jess Keefe, Jane Grimley, Jess Alexander, Lucy Gleeson and Rochelle Whyte


Andrew and Catherine Haskins


Adam and Kim Fahey