Getting here

The official venue for ATF 2013 was Canberra Theatre Centre, located at Civic Square on London Circuit, Civic, Canberra, ACT.


Coming from Sydney, bear in mind it will take you around about the same amount of time, door to door, to drive as it will to fly – 3 hours. You’ll use significantly less fuel and it’ll save you around $250. If you car pool as well, you can also make your road trip one long conversation. And – you’ll have a car once you’re down here, which in Canberra is no small blessing. To register your interest in car pooling, contact us.


For a very decent price of around $30 one way you can also bus it down to Canberra from Sydney. Again less fuel, less money, and about 4 hours in travel time (quicker than the train). I have taken the trip with Murrays and can report it was quite pleasant. Available through Murrays or Greyhound.


You can fly direct to Canberra from all capital cities with Qantas and/or Virgin.


By Car: there is a car park next to CTC but it has a time limit and a small hourly fee. If you can, book your accommodation within walking distance of CTC so you can leave your car (if you drive) at your hotel.

By Taxi: Canberra Taxis (132 227) are efficient and fairly plentiful.

By Bike: There are a few bike hire places in Canberra, for as little as $75 for 3 days. REAL FUN bike hire says they will deliver your bike to your hotel free of charge. There are other options too!

By Bus: info about local buses will be posted here closer to the Forum.