The following people registered for the Australian Theatre Forum 2009:

Simon Abrahams − Polyglot Puppet Theatre
Jim Adamik − artsACT
Olivia Allen − Ignite
Jude Anderson − Punctum
Libby Anstis − Queensland Theatre Company
Robyn Archer
Michelle Armstrong − Arts Victoria
Stephen Armstrong − Malthouse Theatre
Sarah Austin − St Martins Youth Arts Centre
Sandra Ayache
Pippa Bainbridge − La Mama Theatre
Jennifer Barry − Footscray Community Arts Centre
Zoe Barry − Ladykillers
John Baylis
Sue Beal − Arts House
Emma Beech
John Bell − The Bell Shakespeare Company
Chris Bendall − Deckchair Theatre
Saffron Benner − Playlab Inc
Nathan Bennett − Griffin Theatre Company
David Berthold − La Boite Theatre Company
Angela Betzien − Real TV
Nicole Beyer − Theatre Network Victoria
Gita Bezard − The Duck House
Robyn Birrell − Glasshouse
Wendy Blacklock − Performing Lines
Ulanda Blair − Next Wave Festival Inc.
Lenine Bourke − Young People and the Arts Australia
Collette Brennan − Circa
Daniel Brine − Performance Space
Sue Broadway − Strange Fruit
Rob Brookman − Sydney Theatre Company
Dave Brown − Patch Theatre Company
Margi Brown Ash − 4change Counselling and Coaching
Grainne Brunsdon − British Council
Pip Buining − Canberra Youth Theatre
Liz Burcham − Metro Arts
Robina burton − LinkArts Projects
Leticia Caceres
Pauline Cady − Back to Back Theatre
Angela Campbell − Arts Academy University of Ballarat
Melissa Cantwell − Perth Theatre Company
Merophie Carr
Stephen Champion − APACA (Australian Performing Arts Centres Association)
Kate Cherry − Black Swan State Theatre Company
Claudia Chidiac − Powerhouse Youth Theatre
Libby Christie − Australia Council for the Arts
Jan Clancy − Monash University
Rosalba Clemente − Theatre Board
Emilie Collyer
Xan Colman − A is for Atlas
Shane Colquhoun − Black Swan State Theatre Company
Adam Cook − State Theatre Company of South Australia
Fraser Corfield − Australian Theatre for Young People
Gail Cork − Australian Script Centre Inc
Patricia Cornelius − Melbourne Workers Theatre
Andrew Cory − Backbone Youth Arts
Jo Coventry − Urban Myth Theatre of Youth
Eva Cox
Jane Crawley − City of Melbourne
R Ellen Cressey − Department of Culture & the Arts – Tourism WA
Alison Croggon
Fiona de Garis − Performing Lines WA (MAPS WA)
Campion Decent − HotHouse Theatre
Vera Ding − Arts Queensland
Sue Donnelly − Australian Major Performing Arts Group (AMPAG)
Nic Dorward − the Restaged Histories project
Annette Downs − Tasmania Performs
Chris Drummond − Brink Productions
Tess Dryza − RipeOnline
Jo Duffy − Darwin Festival
Kim Durban − Arts Academy
Jo Dyer − Sydney Theatre Company
Peter Eckersall
Bronwyn Edinger − APACA
Naomi Edwards − Melbourne Theatre Company
Tara Ellis − Arts Victoria
Wesley Enoch − Freelance
Lucy Evans − Currently working with Stuck Pigs
Dan Evans − Metro Arts
David Everist − Arts Victoria
Moira Finucane − Finucane & Smith
Mark Fitzpatrick − Tasmanian Theatre Company
Eamon Flack − Company B – Belvoir St Theatre
Catherine Fowler
Kirsten Freeman − British Council
Jane Fuller − Vitalstatistix Theatre Company
Jeremy Gaden − Footscray Community Arts Centre
Vallejo Gantner − Performance Space 122 New York
Sue Giles − Polyglot Puppet Theatre
Katrina Gill − My Darling Patricia
Bruce Gladwin − Back to Back Theatre
Rose Godde − Platform Youth Theatre
Tim Goodwin − Federal Court of Australia
Malissa Gough − Monash University Academy of Performing Arts
Michael Gow − Queensland Theatre Company
Duncan Graham − State Theatre Company of SA
Jennifer Greer Holmes
Jane Gronow − Lowdown Magazine
Tony Grybowski − The Australia Council for the Arts
Vernon Guest − Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
Leanne Gunnulson − Australia Council
Tom Gutteridge − Union House Theatre Melbourne University
Jennifer Hamilton − Tamarama Rock Surfers Theatre Company Limited
Peta Hanrahan − The Dog Theatre
John Harding − RMIT
Christabel Harvey − Arts Victoria
Glenn Hayden − Urban Myth Theatre of Youth
Rachel Healy − Sydney Opera House
Stephen Helper − Cafe Rebetika!
Rosemary Hinde − Asialink
Simon Hinton − Merrigong Theatre Company @ IPAC
Brenna Hobson − Company B – Belvoir St Theatre
Madeleine Hodge − PANTHER
Katherine Hoepper − MAPS for Artists
Douglas Horton
Lindy Hume − Sydney Festival
Sue Hunt − CarriageWorks Ltd
Kate Hunter
Alexandra Hurford − Arts SA
Kay Jamieson − Brink Productions
Natalie Jenkins − ThinIce
Glen R Johns
Shona Johnson − City of Melbourne
Catherine Jones − Malthouse Theatre
Tim Joss − The Rayne Foundation
Jörgs Karrenbauer − Protokoll RImini
Joanne Kee − Sidetrack Theatre
Gail Kelly − Australian Circus & Physical Theatre Association (ACAPTA)
Suzanne Kersten − bettybooke
Greg Khoury − Sidetrack Performance Group
Chris Kohn − Arena Theatre Company
Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy
Dan Koop − Brisbane Powerhouse
Clair Korobacz
Klaus Krischok − Goethe-Institut
Ben Laden − Courthouse Arts
Barry Laing
David Lander
Nicole Lauder − La Boite Theatre Company
Christian Leavesley − Uncle Semolina(& friends)
Caroline Lee − delegate for La Mama
Matt Lutton − Thin Ice Productions
Maryanne Lynch − Malthouse Theatre
Todd MacDonald − The Store Room
Paul MacPhail − Yirra Yaakin
Scott Maidment − Strut & Fret Production House
Nick Marchand − Artistic Director
Suellen Maunder − JUTE Theatre
Fiona Maxwell − Next Wave Festival Inc.
Rachael Maza Long − Ilbijerri Theatre
Paul McGill − Maakan
Katherine McLean − Barking Gecko Theatre Company
Viv McWaters
Chris Mead − Playwriting Australia
Julian Meyrick
Markus Michalowski − Fruit Fly Circus
Penny Miles − Arts on Tour
Sarah Miller − Faculty of Creative Arts University of Wollongong
Erin Milne − Arena Theatre Company
Carin Mistry − Australia Council for the Arts
Adam Mitchell − Black Swan State Theatre Company
Paul Monaghan − Victorian College of the Arts
Antonietta Morgillo − Australia Council
Kyle Morrison − Yirra Yaakin
Teena Munn − WINDMILL
Richard Murphet
Ralph Myers
Alice Nash − Back to Back Theatre
Sarah Neal − Brisbane Powerhouse
Frank Newman − Terrapin Puppet Theatre
Carl Nilsson-Polias − The Hayloft Project Inc.
Patrick Nolan − Legs on the Wall
Vincent O’Donnell − Arts Alive
Jansis O’Hanlon − The Blue Room
Kevin O’Loghlin − Terrapin Puppet Theatre
Kathryn Osborne − The Duck House
Kelly O’Shanassy − Environment Victoria
Charles Parkinson − Tasmanian Theatre Company
Janine Peacock − Loose Canon Art Services
Marguerite Pepper − Marguerite Pepper Productions
Robert Piani − artsACT
Chris Pidd − FFFC
Ian Pidd − Freelance
David Pidd
Vanessa Pigrum − the Arts Centre (Melbourne)
Nicki Pittorino − Australia Council for the Arts
David Pledger − not yet it’s difficult (NYID)
Fee Plumley − Australia Council for the Arts
Bagryana Popov
Marion Potts − The Bell Shakespeare Company
Melanie Catherine Reiser
Jeremy Rice − Barking Gecko Theatre Company
Alison Richards − Theatre Works Monash University
Sally Richardson − Steamworks Arts Productions
Steven Richardson − Arts House Melbourne Australia
Susan Richer − Arts Queensland
Jim Rimmer − Arts Industry Council (Vic) & National Arts and Culture Alliance
Angela Salomon − Arts SA
Malcolm Sanders − Courthouse Arts
Daniel Schlusser − Freelance
Tamara Searle

Steven Shaw − Department of Culture and the Arts (DSD)
Leah Shelton − Polytoxic Dance Theatre
Mary Sitarenos − Liminal Theatre
Victoria Spence
Brett Spilsbury − Riverland Youth Theatre
Bradley Spolding − Snuff Puppets
Caroline Stacey − The Street Theatre
Sarah Stewart − Strut & Fret Production House
Simon Stone − The Hayloft Project Inc.
kate Sulan − Rawcus Theatre
Chris Summers − Platform Youth Theatre
Rachael Swain − Stalker and Marrugeku
Nick Sweeting − Improbable
Alicia Talbot − Urban Theatre Projects
Ann Tonks − Melbourne Theatre Company
Christopher Tooher − The Bell Shakespeare Company
Sophie Travers − freelance
Kylie Trounson − Uninvited Guests
Ingrid Voorendt − Ladykillers
Julie Waddington − Riverland Youth Theatre
Lyn Wallis − The Australia Council for the Arts
Elizabeth Walsh − Ten Days on the Island
Tricia Walton − Carclew Youth Arts/South Australian Youth Arts Board
Clare Watson − Uninvited Guests
Jasmine Watterson − Abbotsford Convent Foundation
Cathcart Weatherly − Spare Parts Puppet Theatre
David Whiteley − Red Stitch
Geoffrey Williams − Chamber Made Opera
Lynne Williams − National Institute of Dramatic Art
Jessica Wilson − Independent
Vyvian Wilson − Legs on the Wall
Fiona Winning − Freelance
Tom Wright − Sydney Theatre Company
Angharad Wynne-Jones − Australian Theatre Forum
Damon Young