ATF 2013 In Quotes

This site summarises the original 2013 Australian Theatre Forum website and is included here for archival purposes.

“Engagement with the provocations, stimulating discussions and debates, an opportunity to hear many different and inspiring perspectives from new voices, and profound perspectives from some of the older voices: it was both personally and professionally rewarding and fulfilling.”

“Brain-stretching ideas and conversations. A sense that we’re all grappling with big issues for which there aren’t any easy answers. A great gathering of friends and colleagues – the value of being together can’t be understated.”

Kelly Copper and Pavol Liska (Nature Theatre of Oklahoma, NY) with Frank Mainoo (Team Mess, Sydney).
Kelly Copper and Pavol Liska (Nature Theatre of Oklahoma, NY) with Frank Mainoo (Team Mess, Sydney).

“The key note speakers were inspirational, and provided points of reflection for me, my practice and where my drivers are.”

“The whole experience felt like I was in a theatre show. The set up was the futurist discussion, we were in the thick of it on day two and then at the end with postcards we were brought out of the mire with hope and excitement for the future. It was a fantastic theatre show.”

“I think the collegiate feeling that you developed before and during the forum was fantastic, there was a real sense of being welcome and being part of a well-meaning, skilled group of people who have a common purpose.”

“I am sure that ATF 2013 will be remembered as the forum in which Indigenous voices had an enormously strong presence and impact. I am grateful for this and feel personally that it has shifted my perspective significantly.”

“The proposal to create guidelines for Non-Indigenous artists/companies working with Indigenous artists or communities and that we all agreed to support this proposal was a fantastic finish to the whole forum.”

“Congratulations on creating a fantastic Forum, where mistakes were made and will be learnt from… We’ve got a way to go, and we need more people with Alicia Talbot’s oumph and insight. Thanks for creating the right environment for it.”

Well curated and executed. Some of the discussions were a bit bruising, but important. I felt the hand of the curator was evident, and in that way, it felt very much like Alicia’s work. I would like to see this too in future Forums – that the vision of a particular artist /thinker /curator is brought to bear.”

“Intelligent, Respectful, Welcoming, Empowering.”

“It had tremendous heart.”

“Well run. Well attended. Well done. A very important forum for the industry.”